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News articles on Dr. Al-Arian

Al-Arian hearing moved off campus, The Oracle, January 24 2003

476 days later, Al-Arian returns, The Oracle, January 23 2003

USF won't contest ruling, The Oracle, January 17 2003

On a collision course, The Oracle, January 7 2003

Al-Arian demands USF restore his standing, St. Petersburg Times, January 17 2003

Al-Arian Pressures USF To Back Down, Tampa Tribune, December 18 2002

Al-Arian vows to fight until he wins, St. Petersburg Times, December 18 2002

AAUP says USF court case will have no effect, The Oracle, November 18 2002

A funeral for freedom, The Oracle, November 14 2002

Speakers discuss infringed civil liberties, government, The Michigan Daily October 11, 2002

Group tries to stop Al-Arian speech , The Oracle, October 11 2002

Al-Arian haunted by anti-Israel phrase, Bradenton Herald , October, 2002

A year later and still no answers, USF Oracle, September 26, 2002

$54K spent on Al-Arian, so far, USF Oracle, September 25, 2002

BEST MARTYR: Sami Al-Arian, Weekly Planet - Best of the Bay 2002 - Special Issue Sept. 19-25, 2002

Al-Arian to judge: Dismiss USF's suit, St. Petersburg Times, September 17, 2002

USF speech canceled in protest, St. Petersburg Times, September 14, 2002

Genshaft allies cite her religion in Al-Arian case, St. Petersburg Times, September 14, 2002

Prof defends expression of his beliefs, Indianapolis Star, September 12, 2002

Speaker cancels; blames Genshaft, USF Oracle, September 11, 2002

Sept. 11 hurt aliens' rights, USF Oracle, September 9, 2002

Al-Arian says media unfair, USF Oracle, August 28, 2002

South Fla. Asks to Oust Palestinian, Ap Report, August 21, 2002

Al-Arian fires back at Tiger Bay questions, St. Petersburg Times, Aug 02 2002

Professor Defends Job, Views , Tampa Tribune, Aug 02 2002

USF professor: Media incited anti-Islam backlash, University of Florida - The Alligator, April 11 2002.

Al-Arian discusses security, liberty, Duke University - The Chronicle, April 04 2002.

Amid new probe, Al-Arian speaks, St. Petersburg Times, Feb 23 2002

AAUP restates stern warning to USF, USF - The oracle, June 13 2002.

The Sami Al-Arian case, USF Journalism Project by Khari D. Williams

Academics Still Oppose Professor's Treatment, The Tampa Tribune, June 09 2002.

Union Sees USF Shift On Al-Arian, The Tampa Tribune, April 25 2002.